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Smeagol is now available for download!!!

Smeagol is available free of charge for researchers belonging to Academic community. The download and use of Smeagol is subject to the Smeagol Academic Licence, and prospect users should be already in possession of a registered version of Siesta 1.3.

In more details, in order to obtain Smeagol you should do the following:

1) Have a registered version of Siesta 1.3. This can be download from the Siesta web-site
under the conditions stated in the Siesta Academic Licence.

2) Every users is associated with one of the Smeagol team. This will help the user in installing and using Smeagol and will be co-author of the first paper published by the user, containing Smeagol results. You must contact one of the three group leaders and discuss your proposed project before applying for the use of Smeagol.

The three Smeagol teams are:

Dublin (Stefano Sanvito,
Oviedo (Jaime Ferrer,
Lancaster (Colin Lambert,

3) Download the Smeagol Academic Licence. Read it carefully and if you agree with the condition fill and sign two copies to be sent to the following address:

Prof. Stefano Sanvito,
School of Physics,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2, Dublin,

Remember to state clearly who is your associated Smeagol team. One copy of the Licence signed by the Smeagol developers will be sent back to you for your own record.

4) Submit by e-mail a one-page proposal describing the research you intend to do with Smeagol. This should be a summary of what agreed with your associated Smeagol team. Please use the template you can download here.

5) Register to the download web-site at: Smeagol Download

Further Help

1) There is a Smeagol mailing list where to post query and look for previous questions. Keeping the list vital is important for both users and developers, so do not hesitate in using it. Please subscribe at: Mailing List

2) There is also a wiki page where you can find some additional information. You can edit part of the pages if you find it useful. The link is: Smeagol Wiki

3) You can of course write privately to your Smeagol collaborators. Unless the questions are reserved we appreciate if you can also copy to . This is where we keep a record of the questions, which are used to make the wiki.

How to Collaborate with us

If you are interested in developing Smeagol please get in touch with us by writing to or alternatively to one of the group coordinators:

    Prof. Stefano Sanvito at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) Prof. Jaime Ferrer at Universidad de Oviedo (Spain) Prof. Colin Lambert at Lancaster University (UK).

There are various sources of funding available and a visit and probatory period may be easily arranged.

Otherwise, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Smeagol team and help us either develop or apply the code, check regularly our open positions section below.

Open Positions

Last updated: 30/11/2009.

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